Life is all about trying new things, and that is especially true when it comes to sex. Not only can the same partner get a bit dull over time, but even if you play the field a bit more, the same wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am set-up can also become a bit of a bore.

That’s why meeting up with a lovely escort can add plenty of spice to your sex life. Not only is hopping into bed with a beautiful woman is always what the doctor ordered, but getting an expert means they have plenty of tricks up their sleeve (or their skirt) that will definitely wow you in ways you never thought possible.

Finding a hot model online who is eager to meet you has become much easier, so it’s not just about London Escorts anymore, you can find beauties all over the UK. Whether you are just feeling a bit randy or really do want to get some more experience under your belt, a splendid and sexy time is guaranteed for all once you make a booking.

So let’s skip missionary, doggy-style, and cowgirl (and the reverse cowgirl, as that’s rather self-explanatory) to focus on some of the lesser-known ways to knock boots. You will probably get excited just reading about them!

Some of these may require you to be in at least average shape, so perhaps you can use that as an incentive to get back into exercising! Even if you aren’t going to start jogging, sex itself is a great way to burn calories.

You will find that many of these positions have different names, sometimes neither of which might conjure up the image in your head that you thought. But just consider that as part of the fun!

The Bicycle (or Stand and Deliver)

The edge of the bed is your friend! With the proper height, you should be able to stand beside the bed as she lies on her back, her bottom right against the edge of the bed as well, and her legs up in the air, leaning against your chest, with her heels close to your shoulders.

It shouldn’t take a lot of problem-solving skills to figure out where you should put what, but it will definitely be a turn-on to watch you thrust inside her over and over. You might find that you have a lot more power because you’re standing instead of lying down, and can really give it to her good if she eggs you on.

The Standing O

It should come as no surprise that the better time she is having, the better it will ultimately be for you as well. Yes, in the world of escorts it makes sense that she will focus on making sure you are being pleasured first and foremost, but if you give even a little back her away, she will certainly repay it in spades.

That’s why having a bit of skill when it comes to oral pleasure is very important, and one of the best positions to do that is to have her stand up against the wall and you get on your knees and your head between her legs.

To help with the spread a bit, she can rest one of her legs on your shoulder, so you can really get in there with fingers and tongue. Ask her a bit of what she likes while doing it, and don’t be surprised if she gives you some tips in between moans.

The Hot Seat

This one is fairly self-explanatory but is often overlooked because the bed is always the first piece of furniture people think of when it comes to sex. However a good chair can offer plenty of outlets, and this one involves you sitting on it, and her sitting on you, with your naughty bits obviously perfectly aligned.

This is great for you because you just have to sit there and thrust up (although using your hands to steady her or play with her nipples would be appreciated), and it’s great for her because she can bounce up and down at whatever tempo and intensity suits her.

The Belly Flop

While it might look a bit doggy-style, the difference is that she won’t be on all fours but rather lying on the bed flat, with her bum raised just a little bit. This means you won’t be on your knees and upright, but instead leaning over her and then thrusting inside her, your waist essentially pushing repeatedly into her bum as a cushion. It’s very pleasurable for her because she doesn’t have to do much, and you’ll love it because the closed legs mean there will be a lot more pressure on your hard one as you thrust.

Your Mental Position

Not to make it sound all psychological or bring Freud into the mix, but there’s a reason some people call the brain the biggest erogenous zone. Getting turned on over the idea of sex is a big part of the excitement, and if you can get your brain excited, the rest of your body is quick to follow That’s why you should always consider ways to make any position you get into (no matter how vanilla) a lot more intense by trying to change up how you and your partner approach it.

All this is just to say that some roleplaying and adding some toys is almost like a new sexual position all by itself. There are plenty of adult board games that might sound a bit silly, but you’ll be surprised at how slowly building up to finally getting naked and only doing certain moves for a certain amount of time can really ratchet up the arousal.

In some cases you don’t need anything else except an idea, pretending to be different people in a taboo relationship, or maybe she can pretend to be someone at your workplace who you’ve always wanted to get with. If that’s the case, you might be so turned on you might not care and just dive right into the missionary position.